Sea Patrol Season 5 Episode 1 The Third Man

Watch Sea Patrol Season 5 Episode 1 The Third Man, the season premiere of the final season. Enjoy this great new episode airing this week from Channel Nine network online. Another season that you love to watch this drama series.
TV series: Sea Patrol Title: The Third Man
Season: 5 Genre: Drama
Episode: 1 Theme: Police
Original Air Date: 04/25/2011 TV Source: Channel Nine
Time: 8:30 pm et/pt Status: Returning Series
Runtime: 1 hr
Rating: Great
Director: Steve Mann
Writer: John Ridley
Casts: Danielle Horvat, Conrad Coleby, Ian Stenlake, Lisa McCune, John Batchelor, Matthew Holmes, Kristian Schmid, Nikolai Nikolaeff
Guest Star: Tammy MacIntosh
Next episode: Eye for an Eye
Date Release: 05/03/2011
Previous Episode: In Too Deep
Released Date: 07/29/2010
Synopsis: A deadly terrorist bombing sees a rite of passage for one of Hammersley's younger sailors, while a difficult woman and the return of an old lover cause emotional tension on board ship. (Channel Nine Entertainment)
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