Pacquiao vs Mosley Fight Replay

Watch Pacquiao vs Mosley Replay video... Watch and enjoy the replay video of May 7, 2011 bout Pacquiao vs Mosley in their anticipated boxing game event held at Las Vegas.
It's been a wonderful fight between Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao against Shane "Sugar" Mosley during the May 7th, 2011 bout at the MGM Grand Arena. It was a terrible experience as Mosley was knockdown by Pacquiao's punch to his face in the third round. People who are fans of Manny were really excited and happy to what he done to Mosley.

If you are in the Arena, you will be deaf with the people's shout when there's a highlight of their fight. As you can observe the video during the fight, most fans were shouting the name of Manny.

During in the 10th round, while the two living legend punching each other, Manny was surprised when the referee counted that he was knockdown by Molsey when he has punched and hit at his left chest. But too many said it wasn't because the replay can testify that the punch given by Mosley only pushing Pacquiao the reason that he was fell down but yet stood up immediately.

Before the main event ends, you can observe Manny's performance like a robot that doesn't feel tiredness while Mosley seems like groggy while in the ring.

And in the end still, the 8-dvision title has the honor to be called as the winner by unanimous decision after a 12-round bout.

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